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"Everything that we create with inspiration, enthusiasm and love, we can consider as spiritual art and music is one of its kinds. Music - is Three Dimensional Art "
...Emma Khodorovskaya - Medvedev
Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
Channeled and performed by Emma Khodorovskaya-Medvedev.

The gift of channeling had changed Emma’s world completely and unexpectedly when 20 years ago she began receiving messages from above via automated writing.  That was  amazing and at the same time a scary feeling, recognition of existence of higher power, higher vibration, so evident through her “ conversations with the Universe ”.  

By that time Emma was a professional musician and piano teacher, a graduate of Baku Conservatorium, Azherbajan who migrated to Australia in 1982. When Emma realized that she was chosen to channel and deliver spiritual messages to people, she collected them and assembled into separate volumes.  Later on, she was able to publish those spiritual messages in her books “ Messages to Earthlings ”,  “ Life on Earth is an Education ” and “ Creation of Love ”.

At the same time, her spiritual contacts were accompanied by heavenly music, enriching her piano skills, giving her freedom of improvisation playing “ white music ” which means using only white keys.

With sound like strings of Orpheus’ harp, without form and restriction, this new type of music is not sending us to any destination. It leaves us where we are now, at this particular moment with new and much more balanced and clear vibrations that could be felt on a cellular level.

Those vibrations created by inspirational music, affect and balance our biological vibrations. We become united with music, with the universe, which continuously sends us something special, something that makes us feel better and happier in our everyday lives.

Today Emma continues her professional career and has also become a spiritual counselor and  Reiki Master. She projects positive energy to help others increase their positive vibrations and regain balance in body, mind and spirit.
...Emma Khodorovskaya Medvedev
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